Permanent Makeup
Modern application of the age-old art of tattooing provides a safe and natural looking alternative to your daily makeup routine. Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is a process where pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin, permanently. Although techniques may vary, the results are always the same-permanent waterproof color, hassle-free and always fresh. Benefits those individuals who have:
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
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An Active Lifestyle
Contact Lenses
Visual Impairment
Little or NO Brow Hair
Alopecia (absense of hair)
Sparse or Light Lashes
Difficulty in Makeup Application
Unsteady or Arthritic Hands
A Desire to Look Great 24/7!
Your needs and expectations will be discussed during a consultation which includes a review of your of your medical history and before and aftercare instructions. Steps are taken to make sure the procedures are as comfortable as possible. Although everyone’s tolerance level is different, most clients agree permanent make-up procedures are far more comfortable than anticipated. Your comfort and safety are of the utmost importance.

Strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines are followed in accordance with OSHA and the CDC. Single use sterile needles are used with each application.

There are many different procedures a permanent cosmetic technician can provide. The most frequently requested procedures are eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color. These procedures take between 1 - 2 hours each.

A credit card is required prior to booking permanent makeup services.
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Permanent Makeup Fees
Imagine the convenience of a wash and wear face, with eyeliner, eyebrows and lip color and more that doesn’t smear, run or wear off during the day. Permanent Make-up (also known as Micro-pigmentation) offers the perfect long-term solution for securing color that adds youthful definition to your face.
Eye Procedures  
Eyeliner (upper and lower) 275 (thick additional)
Eyeliner (upper  or lower only) 200 (thick additional)
Mucosal Eyeliner -inside lid
(upper and lower)
Mucosal Eyeliner -inside lid
(upper or lower)
French (2 color) or Designer Eyeliner 400
Eyeliner Tails (wings) 75 & up
Eyeshadow (lid only) 300
(lid & crease or 2-colors)
Eyebrow Procedures  
Eyebrows 275
Eyebrows- Hairstoke 350
Eyebrow Hightlights (under eyebrow) 150
Lip Procedures  
Lip Liner only 225
Full Lip- No liner 375
Full Lip- with liner 500
Lip Blushing 225
Other Permanent Makeup Procedures  
Blush 350 Includes 1 touch up
Beauty Mark 45
Freckles 150 & up
Areola Re-pigmentation(per breat) 250 & up
Touch up Procedures
Touch ups-only for work originally performed by Permanent Great Looks.
Within 4-8 weeks of procedure 75 & up
Within 6 months of procedure 100 & up
Color Boost - Within 2 yrs of proceduredure 1/2 off reg. price
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