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You won't believe the beautiful results, and you will be amazed how beautiful your lashes will look. Natural and long. I use only the finest quality lashes for a flawless result. Glue is odor less and burn-free. The new advanced formula glue provides for fast power bonding, strong holding and flexible for a very natural appearance yet durable. Just come back in for touch-ups to replace the lost lashes every 2-4 weeks. Lashes come in Brown, or Black and glue matches the lashes for a more natural fuller look.


To maintain long lasting lashes, requires team work. We have done our part of extending your lashes. Now it up to you to maintain them. Please follow these guide lines to achieve the best results.

1)Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after your lash application. Take bath only that same day. You can shower the next day

2) Avoid swimming, steam rooms and hot saunas the next 48 hours. Extreme heat is not recommended.

3) Do not use eyelash curler, perm or tint the extension lashes. This will break the bond.

4) Do not use regular or waterproof mascara. Mascara will dissolve the adhesive. Only water-based mascara is recommended.

5) Do not rub your eyes too hard when cleaning.

6) Do not pull any loose extension lashes. Do not attempt to remove any extension lashes by pulling.

7) Use only non-oily, non-creamy cleanser to remove make up.

8) Keep an eyelash comb handy to straighten up any stray lashes. Every single lash is individually extended. No clump, no knot so it is safe to groom our extension lashes. Comb lashes carefully and gently only when needed.


EyeLash Removal Service                                           $35 and up

Depending on amount of lashes needing removed.
If necessary for a complete lash extension removal, a Specially Formulated Adhesive Remover will be used. This gentle formula quickly and easily removes HP-A, HP-3, and most other eyelash extension adhesives without harming your natural lashes. The remover is a medical grade formula containing antibiotic agents.

Permanent Makeup Picture
Permanent Makeup Picture
Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lips
Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lips
Permanent Makeup Picture
Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lips
Permanent Makeup Credit Card
EyeLash Extension Services  
Demi Set (10-15 lashes per eye)
Demi Set (10-15 lashes per eye)- Mink Lashes
Full Set (up to 30 lashes per eye)
Full Set (up to 30 lashes per eye) - Mink Lashes           
$75 (up to 1 hr)
$125 (up to 1 hr)
Glamor Set (up to 60 lashes per eye)
Glamor Set (up to 60 lashes per eye) - Mink Lashes    
$200 (2 to 2.5 hrs)
$300 (2 to 2.5 hrs)
ReLash Infill Services *schedule every 2-3 weeks  
Basic Infill (up to 20 lashes per eye) 
Basic Infill (up to 20 lashes per eye)  - Mink Lashes
$40 (30 to 45 min)
$50 (30 to 45 min)
Extra Lashes
Extra Lashes - Mink Lashes
Infills after 3 weeks
Infills after 3 weeks - Mink Lashes
Package of 6 Basic infills (Save $40-Buy 5 get one free) $200
Add a swarvoski crystal to eyelashes  or eyelids $3 each
Add a swarvoski crystal eye design    $10 & up
Permanent Makeup Picture
Eyelash Crystal Design 1
Eyelash Crystal Design 2
Eyelash Crystal Design 3
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