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What is airbrush makeup?
Airbrush makeup is a water resistant, oil free mineral and vitamin enriched foundation that is applied with an airbrush and a professional touch.

Who can use it?
Anyone can use it. This is a technique that was designed for the film industry and was only available to celebrities for many years. Now celebrity makeup Artist Jacqui Phillips has brought her products to Raun Hairdressers & Day Spa. This is a safe, effective and lightweight product suitable for adults, teenagers and children.

When should I get airbrush makeup?
You can have airbrush makeup applied any time you wish — although most people choose this very special technique and foundation application for special events such as weddings, birthday parties or any big celebration in which you want to look your very best.

Are touch-ups necessary?
Your skin type will determine if touch ups are necessary. Most people tend to get a little shiny through the course of the day. Therefore, Jacqui Phillips’ lightweight Mineral Powder would be the perfect solution to touching up your look.

Can I wear airbrush makeup anywhere on my body?
Yes, airbrush makeup can be worn on the face or anywhere else on the body. This is the perfect solution to covering up any unwanted bruises, blemishes or tattoos.

How long does airbrush makeup last?
Airbrush makeup is water-resistant and will virtually last until taken off. This makeup application is so lightweight that it will look as though you have flawless skin.

How do I remove this product?
It will wash off with any light makeup remover, face wipes or simply by using hot water and gently scrubbing with a wash cloth.
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